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Garbage Truck Towing

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Tour Bus Towing

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Winch out

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Entertainment Crane Services

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trailer door hinge repair

lift gate service

trailer roof leak repair

landing gear handle service

Coolant or Fluid Refill

Construction Equipment Transport

Farm Equipment Transport

Industrial Machinery Transport

Logging Equipment Transport

Oil and Gas Equipment Transport

Marine Equipment Transport:

Military Equipment Transport

Railroad Equipment Transport

Emergency Equipment

Automotive Transport

Accident Recovery

Accident Recovery

We offer the quickest and most reliable heavy-duty accident recovery services for large vehicles. From overturned trucks to challenging situations, trust our expertise for prompt and safe recovery solutions, ensuring minimal downtime.

Overturned Vehicles

Collisions and Crashes


Jackknifed Trucks

Engine Failures

Brake Malfunctions

Transmission Issues

Axle Breakages

Storm Damage

Flooding Rescues

Ice/Snow Recovery


Stuck in Ditches

Recovery from Soft Ground

Assistance on Unpaved Roads

Rescue from Rough Terrain

24/7 Assistance

Swift Response Teams

Trained Recovery Specialists

Roadside Incident Management

Heavy Equipment Transportation

Large Machinery Removal

Industrial Vehicle Recovery

Construction Site Incidents

Vehicle Trailer Accidents

Transporter Roll-Offs

Hauling and Rigging Mishaps

Container/Shipping Disasters

Our Equipment

Our fleet boasts a diverse range of specialized equipment, ensuring efficient handling of various heavy-duty towing requirements.

Peterbilt 60 Ton Wrecker w/ 3-Stage Boom

The Peterbilt 60 Ton Wrecker with its robust 3-Stage Boom is a powerhouse, designed for handling heavyweight loads. Offering unparalleled strength and versatility, it's the ultimate solution for heavy-duty towing needs.

Peterbilt 40 Ton with Zacklift

The Peterbilt 40 Ton with Zacklift attachment embodies unmatched lifting power and adaptability, providing a versatile solution for handling diverse heavy-duty towing tasks with precision and efficiency.

International 16 Ton Wrecker

The International 16 Ton Wrecker signifies strength and dependability, delivering exceptional towing capacity for various heavy loads, ensuring reliable assistance in challenging towing situations.

Peterbilt 35 Ton Wrecker

The Peterbilt 35 Ton Wrecker exemplifies power and agility, equipped with superior capabilities to efficiently manage substantial loads. With its reliable performance, it's an ideal choice for addressing heavy-duty towing requirements.

Peterbilt Tractor with Landoll

The Peterbilt Tractor with Landoll attachment combines strength and versatility, offering a reliable solution for transporting heavy equipment and oversized loads with ease and efficiency.

Emergency Response

Immediate Aid When Disaster Strikes – Prompt Towing Service is Wilmington, North Carolina’s Fastest Rescue Partner!

Prompt Towing Gallery

Browse our Photo Gallery showcasing our state-of-the-art equipment and successful towing operations.

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