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Tow Truck Dispatch Assistance

Find Your Precise Location

Quickly share your exact location via Google Maps coordinates for prompt assistance during roadside emergencies. Follow the steps below to guide our dispatch team directly to you.

Send GPS Coordinates

For Prompt Wrecker Dispatch

Steps To Find Location

Illustration of a user clicking on a map to request a tow truck dispatch

Step 1

Click "View Larger Map" in top left corner of the map above.

Illustration of a 'Show Coordinates' button for sharing location details with a tow truck

Step 2

Click "Show Your Location" in bottom-right corner of the large map that opens.

A smartphone screen displaying latitude and longitude coordinates for location sharing

Step 3

Click "The Share Icon" when your location coordinates display.

Illustration demonstrating the process of copying the location link for tow truck dispatch

Step 4

Click "Copy Link" in popup box to copy your location.

Illustration demonstrating the process of copying the location link for tow truck dispatch

Step 5

Paste the link into the "location field" below, complete the other details, and click submit.

Send Location

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Your Name
What number can the tow truck driver reach you at right away?
(Example: Semi Turned Over)
Please follow the instructions Here to get your GPS coordinates.
Please include any additional info that might be helpful to your tow driver.
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